Precision Mowing at Your Fingertips


MGC 01 With Automatic Navigation And Programming By Patented C-TOF Technology

Revolutionize your lawn care with Anthbot, Smart, efficient like never before, experience the luxury of effortless lawn maintenance.


C-TOF Positioning Tech

APP One-key Mapping

Multi-zone Mowing

Wire Broken Points Detection

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Multipath Return


High-precision Autonomous Navigation System Delivers Exceptional Results

  • C-TOF Positioning

Provides real-time precise location data based on acquired map data.

  • One-Button Mapping

Achieves one-click automatic map construction via the app.

  • Efficient Mowing

Programmed parallel mowing routes enable fast mowing, mowing area max optional: 300/500/1000㎡.

  • Multi-zone Division

The App map divides the grass into multiple zones.

Detecting Broken Wires Automatically

Anthbot's revolutionary cable fault detection makes repairs simple and effective, ensuring uninterrupted mowing.  




Excellent Outdoor Survivability Without Any Manual Intervention

  • Precise Obstacle Avoidance

Structured light sensor has a wide view field and high scanning accuracy.


  • Obstacle Height of 30-70mm

Motor will automatically lift to avoid being trapped on uneven ground or encounter obstacles.


  • Climbs up to 45% Slope

Able to handle even complex terrain with ease.


  • High Waterproof Level of IPX6

Easy cleaning, simply spray down with your garden hose!

-Anthbot is Your Trustworthy Landscaper-


Consistent software upgrading makes your Anthbot brand new.

Authorized Certification

FCC, CE guaranteed.

Battery Maintenance

Replaceable battery pack increase lifespan.

Endurance Test

All components are safe and stable.

Extreme Environment Test

Handle the most challenging terrain

Marvelous Team

Constantly innovation driven team


Revolutionize your lawn care with Anthbot, Smart, and efficient like never before, gives you an effortless lawn with every use.