RTK+Vision Technology

Benefits from RTK+Vision tech, map building, auto-schedule, multi-zone programming, spot cutting, and art pattern mowing can be easily realized via the App. You've more time with your family. 

Wireless Drop and Work

Effectively solve the biggest problem, complex and tedious perimeter wire installation of current lawn mower robots.

Exclusive Boundary Recognition Sensors

Boundary recognition sensors and intelligent AI technology allow you to fully enjoy the composition of virtual boundaries, turely an unattended robot mower.

Smart Obstacle Recognition Sensor

Binocular camera realize 3D depth measurement, and high-accuracy sensors significantly improve the capacity of slim obstacle recognition to ensure the safety of babies and pets.

Mowing area max:3000㎡
RTK+Visual Tech
Boundary wire required: NO
Drop and work
Art pattern mowing zone
Boundary Recognition Sensors
Binocular camera obstacle avoidance
Automatic motor lifting
Anti-loss & vision monitor

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