Anthbot MGV 01 Robotic Lawn Mower

Boundary Free

Drop and Work

RTK+Vision Technology

Benefits from RTK+Vision tech, map building, auto-schedule, multi-zone programming, spot cutting, and art pattern mowing can be easily realized via the App. You've more time with your family.

Wireless, Drop and Work Technology

Effectively solve the biggest problem, complex and tedious perimeter wire installation of current lawn mower robots.

High Accuracy Obstacle Recognition Sensor

Binocular camera realize 3D depth measurement, and high-accuracy sensors significantly improve the capacity of slim obstacle recognition to ensure the safety of babies and pets.


Exclusive Boundary Recognition Sensors

Boundary recognition sensors and intelligent AI technology allow you to fully enjoy the composition of virtual boundaries, turely an unattended robot mower.

Anthbot Robotic Lawn mower family

It's like traveling to several different continents through one set of doors.

With over 2000 pieces of jewelry available at their Nolita store alone, I was in for a real treat. It was hard to decide what to photograph because I loved it all. Lori is well-known for her skill of discovering new jewelry design talent–people that handcraft their creations and take pride in their unique aesthetic. If you’re marching to the beat of your own drum, you belong at Love Adorned! Designers like Little H, Anthony Lent, Page Sargisson, Scosha, Fraser Hamilton, and Baker & Black among others fill the jewelry cabinets of the store. I always learn of a new designer I’ve never heard of before but am blown away by their work whenever I visit, this time it was Carla Maxine. She is a young female designer based out of Australia who does amazing things with opals, tourmalines, and diamonds. This opal hybrid ring took the cake for me.

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The newest addition to Love Adorned is their full-time piercing studio which was carved out in the far right corner of the store. It is its own little private oasis where you can get professionally pierced by some of the best in the biz, as well as choose from the best piercing studs in the game. There’s a whole section of gold studs with so many styles to pick from — as well as other body piercing jewelry.